Thursday, July 16, 2009

My public spoke....

...and I listened. Yup, all three of you said the same thing. No white on black. You racists!

So here's a new layout. I'm not exactly gaga over this one either. I want to stretch the main post area out wider but when you do that the little images that make the corners of everything rounded get all messed up. It will take some doing to figure out how to fix that. I'm wondering if there is one particular computer geek out there who might want to take a look at the code and see if he can figure it out.... hmmmm... not that I've got anyone particular in mind, mind you.

And, did you see that "interesting" comment left on my last post? I'm totally leaving it up there. I don't get enough comments to delete the crazy ones. :)


Hugeness said...

This one is easy on the eyes. If only the same could be said of the author.

Trillian42 said...

Yeah, the little roundy corners are a pain in the ass. I tried and abandoned a couple of templates with those in them. It's an issue with the size of the images they use to place those.