Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For a hat???

I was watching Sportscenter over the weekend and saw that most (all?) baseball teams were wearing these hats with the American flag put into their logo. When I saw the Yankees version I immediately wanted one. Then... I found out how much these vultures were charging for them. $37 for a hat??? I'm sorry, does it sing or make me breakfast too? I mean, it's no brick or anything! Then I found out that the hat raised money for the organization Welcome Back Veterans and it made a little more sense. Great hat, donation to a fantastic charity, what more could you ask for?

How about $37 to afford the dang hat?

I still want the hat.

And the brick. :)

Oh, and 7 3/4 if you're wondering.

1 comment:

morninglight mama said...

First a brick and now a hat... your blog is composed now of adding to your Christmas list??


I would buy you the actual Yankees if I could... or at least a spot on the staff, so then you could sleep under your desk during the day...