Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you watching too?

Ever hear people about talk those shows labeled The Best Show You're Not Watching? I googled that phrase and came up with other shows given that label at one time or another - Mad Men (which I've never seen), Chuck (seriously? Best Show???), Arrested Development (funny as hell when I did watch), and the Sopranos (was there a time when people weren't watching the Sopranos?). Well, I think I've got another, and it's really f'ing good...

I never watch it on TV, but I do catch up online while I eat my lunch sometimes. What a great invention - this internets thing. Do yourself a favor - catch up and make sure it stays on. It was a little campy at first but I'm really digging it (just finished episode 6) and I'll be pissed if it goes the way of Firefly. The best part is Ian McShane of course. I loved him on Deadwood (why the hell did those b'tards cancel that one????) and I am so glad he's back with equally impressive writing.

Seriously - go watch...


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