Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think the gods are aligned against me

Don't get me wrong. I've got no illusions I'm on par with Odysseus or anything, but something happened tonight that just makes you think there might be someone out there sending me a message...

We'll start by calling attention to the weather for the last few days. Well, you know what? Let's extend that a bit and take a look at all of July...

Did you catch that? Specifically, did you catch the fact that for the ENTIRE month of July there was a combined total of 0.0 in. of rain? After a very rainy May and early June we've gotten a whole lot of nothing around here lately. Don't get me wrong, it's been great pool weather without the nastiness that we usually deal with in the DC area - only five 90 degree days in July so far - but the lawn has been none too happy with the situation. I hate paying to water the lawn too. If only I was a little more like Pammy and killed every green thing I touched things would be far easier. hehehe

Tonight though? HA! Like I said, the gods are aligning against me. Had to take JAM to Target tonight to pick up birthday invitations for the impending festivities and in a show of love (second in two days mind you - I fixed us up with a date night last night - yes, we busted in on D&B's date and movie to see Harry Potter but it was a night out without the kids nonetheless!!!) I decided I'd grab all three amigos and head out to give Wifey some alone time. After totally sticking to the list (which never happens! may have been something to do with just having dropped $500+ on new brakes and other stuff for the car) I decided I needed to sweeten the deal for the kids and planned to take them to Rita's for some ice cream-like substances.

Wouldn't you know it though... what do the gods throw our way on this night of all nights????

That's right! It poured! There was no way I was going to stand in that to buy the kids some Rita's and then have to get back in the car and have them get that stuff all over the place. So we sat for a while waiting for the rain to let up. And how would you spend time stuck in a car, in the rain, with three wacko kids? Break out the camera phone of course!

All of us...

JAM being a goof and buckling himself into Pudge's car seat...

I don't think Pudge quite knew what to think about his big brother bogarting his seat.

Red got some time behind the wheel.

In the end, the rain never let up so we bailed. I called home to make sure we still had some ice cream bars in the freezer and the kids were absolutely amazing with the switch. I think they all realized that they didn't want to stand in the rain either. Look at these three... I'm so proud.

We did have a good time hanging out together in the car. I don't care what you say - these are good kids. Oh, wait. Maybe it's what I say. Either way, thems are some good babies. I wonder what the gods were thinking when they sent the torrential rains. I guess I wasn't meant to buy them ice cream tonight. I mean, if it didn't rain I would never have gotten these cool pics with my three amigos would I?

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morninglight mama said...

You're such an awesome dad, you know that?!