Saturday, September 30, 2000

September Pics

Apparently, not a whole heck of a lot happened in September. The problem was that I was in my first month teaching and JAM was auditioning for the role of a fire siren. Between his constant crying and my constant crying and all the work I was putting into trying to figure out how to be a teacher it is no wonder we didn't take many pictures.


We did get out to the Renn Fest apparently. Not sure how we worked that into the picture.

General cuteness
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Even writing this post 9 years later I can still remember this day like it was yesterday. One of my biggest problems when I was starting out teaching was my lack of long-range planning skills. I could plan the hell out of a lesson for the next day but I was constantly living in fear of what came the next day, next week, next month. It was horrible. I wasn't sleeping because of the new baby and I lost much weight due to the stress. But, for some reason, I think largely due to some wonderful people I worked with (thanks Anne, wherever you are), I finally got it on this Saturday. I went from totally lost to born-again found and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

To celebrate, our new family joined some friends that we've since lost for a Terp football game. The "worst" part? Little JAM, who we tip-toed around at home so he wouldn't wake up and start crying all over again slept practically through the whole thing while the band is playing, the crowd is cheering and basically general mayhem is breaking out all around him. i swear, if he didn't happen to be so cute.....