Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update from the land of the gimp

Went to the Dr. this morning. The update on my knee is that the healing has finished as far as he can tell. His moving my knee all around didn't even hurt so he's reasonably comfortable with me starting PT next week. I'm glad he's comfortable with it because I know it's going to hurt like a bitch. Right now I can't bend my knee enough to even drive without pain but after a month of PT and a bottle of 800mg Motrin I'm hoping to be able to at least climb the stairs like a normal person.

Wish me luck, cause this is gonna sting a bit.

Oh, and as an aside - do you think I was wrong to give him some S&%T about making me wait 45 minutes for a 9am appointment? I took that appointment because it was his first slot of the day and I still had to wait until 9:45 for him to walk through the door. When he finally did come through, and asked me how I was, my first response was "annoyed." He gave the same song and dance that all doctors do about each patient taking time and the front desk not knowing how long appointments will take but when they schedule appointments every 15 minutes, AND PURPOSEFULLY DOUBLE BOOK EACH SLOT, don't we have a right to be annoyed?

What do people think about that? Does anyone else say anything about it when the Dr. comes in? This is now the second time I've done it and the one time before this was with the pediatrician and she's bent over backwards since getting us the first appointment of the day. That doesn't mean she's done anything to fix the problem but it certainly worked for us.


morninglight mama said...

Funny you should mention the ped-- I waited too long to schedule Pudge's 2 yr appt, so I had to take a 10 am appt... which probably means we'll see her by 11, hopefully!

I'm with you, man. But, I bet you already knew that, right?


Trillian42 said...

Once, years ago, I sat in the waiting room of my "personal" doctor for a good hour after my appointment time, followed by 45 minutes IN the exam room (in the stylish paper gown) before seeing the doctor. So, yeah. It's gotten WAY out of hand.

But no, I'm a wuss and I don't say anything. I did change doctors after that incident, though.