Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posting the past

I've recently been thinking about my blog in terms of its original intent - that of a place for me to look back on as time passes. And, as I wrote here, having that public component always keeps me interested in adding, sharing, and making sure times get recorded. As I think back to my past attempts at keeping a journal in a far more private way (I used to keep up with a web site I built on my computer that wasn't shared with anyone) I realize I spent a lot of time, during a brief period, recording events and posting pics. I always knew they were just languishing in anonymity and now I want to get 'em out there.

As such, I've started posting some of these old journal entries. If you look over to the right you'll see an archives list. As time goes by that list will get far more comprehensive as I post past entries with their original dates going back to perhaps even before JAM was born - we'll see. This is a very enjoyable exercise for me to do - it gives me an opportunity to go through all these old pics, post the pics that are really fun to see, and read about all the fun we've had. Good times....