Monday, October 12, 2009


Back from my PT appointment this morning. Everything was going swell, going through my workout, lifting weights and stretching without any worries. No, it still didn't want to bend but I was pushing it and even though it hurt a bit I was making it go further than I had. All was good. Until she stepped in. My therapist decided today was the day to make a push. And she pushed. She pushed hard. I've never felt such pain. Yes, I'm a wuss but when I'm sitting in the middle of a very crowded PT office I really can't let the expletives fly. That sucked because I had a string of choice words ready for her.

Sorta like this -

I don't like that place at all. I was in such a foul mood when I came back to the office that there was only one thing in the world that could make me feel better. Today was the first day of a new employee orientation program that we do like three times a year, and they always feed those people going through it. When the breakfast is over the extra food gets brought back to our office and I was so looking forward to it. Yup, a big plate of bacon, sausage and hash browns. OHHHHHHHHHH sooooo good. I'ma drown my sorrows in fried meat and potatoes and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Oh, and in trying to find the video above (apparently there are no just clean scenes of the waxing part - Universal Pictures sucks) I found this other video - That is some funny stuff! And they turned off the embed code, which I thought was pretty crappy, but the video is funny nonetheless.

Now, on to my bacon.

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morninglight mama said...

Holy good god, that was hysterically funny. He really is f'ing hairy, huh??

Sorry to hear about your PT- wanna call home on cry on my (telephonic) shoulder?? Did you call out for Kelly Clarkson?

Love you!!