Friday, October 23, 2009

We've all been there

Well, maybe not all of us have been there, but if you're a guy, and you went to college, or especially if you were ever a college-aged townie of some kind, you'll know what this is like. And, as usual, I'm the last to know about these things so you've probably already seen this. If so, sorry - you'll need to either make friends with some more original people or just take pity on me. I'm guessing it'll be an even mix of both.

So here it is - this guy's best weekend EVER! I mean, it was epic...

Apparently it even made the late nights rounds...

And, as tends to happen with (insert Arnold impression here -->) 'tings uv deese naatcha, the video went viral and caused many lonely teenage boys with nothing else to do to spoof this poor poor man. A great collection of these remixes are found here.

It is a tie which one I like the best. It's either the last one on that page - the one using the theme from Benny Hill - or this one with the silent film influence.

Happy Friday! After my last post I thought we could all use a little levity before the weekend.

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