Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the Road Again

Took three big steps toward getting back to normal in the last two days. First, I had my first PT appointment yesterday for my knee. And, as my colleague is fond of saying, her PT guy told her that PT actually stood for Pain and Torture. This was pretty accurate, and we didn't even get into any of the hard stuff yet. As I indicated in my initial post about my injury, when referring to the slightly less than masculine whelp I let out when the fat man fell on me, I'm a wuss when it comes to pain. I'm a firm believer that if men had to give birth we'd have established a social caste just for that purpose. But, I'm looking forward to the next three weeks as Hina, my torturer/therapist, makes me do horribly painful things in order to get back to normal. It will be nice to be able to put on my shoes without shifting into three different positions, or be able to sleep on my side again.

The second of my big steps is a pretty simple one. I took off my brace all day yesterday, and it's off again today. Except for sleeping, and for what I'm about to relate in item #3, the brace has been off. Gotta build that muscle back up and learn to walk correctly again and that's not going to happen with the brace on.

Finally, and this was perhaps the biggest mental hurdle of all so far, I went back to the gym this morning. Wednesdays and Fridays were my regular basketball mornings and I've missed going so much that I'm sure it was a huge piece of my recent mental malaise. But, with the start of my PT I'm looking to get back into some form of "in shape" so I thought it might be good to get back into the habit of getting up early and getting out of the house to go to the gym. It was a good thing. When I walked into the gym all the guys went right back to busting my balls which was nice. It's good to know things haven't changed. I know it's only been a month for them but it's felt like a millennium to me. No, I didn't play, but I did lift weights for a while and yes, I bounced a ball and shot for a few minutes. I even jumped (little white boy hops really) once or twice just to see how it would feel and all was well.

It was good just being there again to be honest. I need things to be back to normal. I need to feel well enough to finish all the jobs that are sorta-started around the house and I need to not have to rest on the couch after a simple trip to the store.

These last two days were a good start I think. I'm on the road again...

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morninglight mama said...

I'm so happy that this morning filled a void for you!! I know how important that is for you, even if I can't relate personally, so I'm glad you're back on the road again, babe!

And is your PT person's name pronounced how Pudge says Red's name??? How funny if it is!