Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random pics

While JAM was at school and I was at work yesterday, Wifey got out the camera during the day and snapped some new pics of the babies.

Some of messy Pudge.

| | | |

And here's goofy Red.


And yes, I know... I'm in trouble. If you can look past the peanut butter on her face, this little girl is going to break some poor boy's heart one day. I'm pretty sure that day will be right after she drives him bat$&*% crazy. Just like her Daddy.


morninglight mama said...

We sure can make some cute babies, huh?

Hyon said...

Too sweet! Love them. :-)

Amanda said...

Beautiful. I can't believe how fast Pudge is growing.

And Red - with any luck, she'll leave a trail of broken hearts, always coming home to Guy #1 (Daddy) because he's better. ;) My Daddy (yes DADDY) will always be my #1 Guy and I know I drove him batsh*t crazy. :D