Thursday, March 12, 2009

He speaks!

That's right folks, Pudge has spoken. His first sentence! Wifey and I have been a bit worried, but not wanting to say so, you know, fear of being "those parents." You know them. The ones that you meet in the grocery store or at the kid's birthday party, or where ever, that are always talking about when your kid did that or when their kid did this.

"OMG! He walked at 8 months? Ours didn't walk until 8 months 3 days!!!! We need to get him tested!"

This whole conversation is being had in light of our most recent experience with Red, who started conjugating verbs at like 10 months (wicked strange to have a less than one year old throwing out full sentences let me tell you). With her bizarre early development foremost in our minds, Wifey and I have been wondering in our collective heads whether we should be thinking about starting to wonder if we should be getting worried (that's us, real conclusive) that Pudge hasn't really taken to this whole speaking thing. Don't get me wrong, he does have some words going on. Milk, Mama, Dada, his favorite - NO!, move (we're working on excuse me to some success), more, nose, hair, hat, ears, etc. But, aside from our translation services, not many other people have any idea what he says and his vocab list isn't winning any awards.

So, imagine our surprise tonight as Pudge put his official first sentence together! Two whole words in a logical order to express a complete thought! My only regret happened to be him screaming "NO Dada!" at me after I put him in his highchair after having to remove him from running across our couch for the 8th time. It doesn't matter, he delivered his first sentence!!!! He's a genius, far smarter than those other parent's kids anyway.


morninglight mama said...

Oh yes, a moment that will live in our brains for as long as they continue to partially function.


Samsmama said...

Despite being really late to do this, thought I'd comment since I showed your wife some commenting love.

I was one of "those parents", but in a different way. I kept thinking that the fact that my child didn't speak forever was no big deal. And it was. (He's much better now, thank you).

So let me just say, CONGRATS! Isn't it music to your ears?