Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pics I've wanted to post

Nothing major, just some pics I wanted to post. It's okay, I know they're beautiful. :)

- Dude's gonna break some hearts!

- Check out Yin and Yang over here. Or maybe beauty and the beast?

| - My boy JAM at his honor roll assembly.

| - My nekkid babies playing after tubby time.

- It was beautiful outside the other day. I wanted to take a picture of my first flowers!

How can we go from this...

to this?

- I mean seriously, look how beautiful she is! Or maybe I should say how beautiful she can be. When she wants to be.

Wifey decided the she wanted to break out the 'ol Chef Boyardee for lunch the other day. Needless to say, these kids loved it.

- EXTREME CLOSE UP!!!!!!! JAM took this one himself. Nice huh?

- And I just wanted to put this one up. No clue when it was taken but they just look so great together. This is our good friend E, thanks to her Dad for sending this our way.

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