Monday, March 30, 2009

It's settled. She nuts.

Oh yeah, as if we weren't sure yet, tonight proved it. My poor sweet little Red. Honest to God, she's possessed. And stubborn is the name of the game. Let's see, what set her off tonight? Cleaning up the three things she had out in the living room after dinner before going up for tub. No, really. Like three things. And did she howl! For practically the whole 30 minutes of bathtime! As I had Pudge in the tub there she sat in the hallway whooping up a storm. I knew giving her any attention would only feed it so I paid extra attention to the little man in the tub and we had a blast. And I made sure little miss thunderstorm heard it all. I played it all up, laughing with Pudge, singing songs, just trying to get Red to hear us and want to stop her shenanigans and join in.

Did she? Nope, not all the way. I heard the lame attempt at banging on the gate we have at the top of the stairs get softer and softer. She banged on the wall and bathroom door a bit but I ignored that too. She was just trying to get my attention, not doing any damage, so I just let it go. (At this point, if you really know me, you should be picking yourself up off the floor. He let something like that go??? I know, I'm trying my best to keep it all in perspective and it even works, sometimes.) A few times I saw her little fingers poking through under the door and I almost lost it. She was trying so hard to get my attention. Finally, she opened the door just a little bit and then closed it right away. About a minute later she opened it again and poked her head in. I asked her if she'd like to jump in the tub and she actually slammed the door! Well, as much as a little two-year-old can slam the door while trying not to get me too mad. I laughed at that as well. Half-assed defiance is always funny.

Stubborn, stubborn little girl. Doesn't she know that this Mom and Dad don't play that game? Can't wait until she's 15!!!!!

*maniacal laughter echoing in the distance*

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Hugeness said...

Dude, it's scary how alike Red and K are. Are you sure we aren't related somehow? They have to share some genetic material.