Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just don't call me Costanza

This? This is what I'm reduced to. :)

After two days sitting on my couch I needed to get out of the &$#@ house. So, we packed up the kids and hit the Bagel Place this morning for breakfast, then took a trip up to CostCo to load up for the week. There weren't any way I was walking all over creation inside that megastore so I asked to borrow a scooter. Yes, I felt like a goof. And yes, everyone looked at me funny. But it saved us from making a 30 minute trip into a 90 minute trip so it was worth it. The kids were fantastic both during breakfast and while we shopped so that was a blessing and a half.

Got to watch some of my Yankees beating the White Sox during nap and now we're discussing a sojourn to the pool while we still have the opportunity - it closes after next weekend. Here's to the Yanks winning and me not killing myself at the pool. :)

And for your viewing enjoyment...


Geoff Dabelko said...

Change your shirt and your knee may feel better. Must be the shirt

Hugeness said...

@ Geoff -

When I first read that I thought you wrote "skirt". That's much funnier.

And before I get e-harrassed, yes, I know you're hurt and no, I never would have said that to you. I just thought that's what SOMEONE ELSE possibly without my sense of compassion MAY HAVE said.

And I'd say it was the shirt too. Along with a little Italian guy with a baseball bat.

See? Equal opportunity a**hole right here.

morninglight mama said...

You totally rocked the old guy cart, my dear. You had the controls down immediately, so of course, I was impressed.

You had me at "I need a scooter."


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I always love a Seinfeld reference.

Hyon said...

I'll speak up for the little Italian guy to say, yeah, what they said.