Friday, August 14, 2009

I know I won't be able to do it justice

I'm so thankful that I can't put it into words so I've been putting it off. Imagine that, me putting off something that I'm not sure how best to tackle. But this shouldn't be daunting as it is something wonderful and all I want to do is say that I'm grateful for some fantastic people that have made our last few weeks more fun and enjoyable than we ever could have hoped for.

Also, I think my not having all the pics ready to post has caused some delay. I love documenting our good times with my pictures so not having those at hand for this post has contributed a lot more than I thought, now that I stop to think about it.

But, the whole purpose of my little space here is to allay my fears that what doesn't get written about gets forgotten too soon. So, on with the thanking...

First, my Dad and his amazing wife Ava. A few weeks back we enjoyed a longish weekend down at their place in Williamsburg where we didn't do a whole heck of a lot but we weren't stuck in our own house and we got to enjoy their company. Going back to the VA Living Museum was a highlight, with the visit to their planetarium and the 360 degree movie about life in a reef. We had the place all to ourselves and after some getting used to it by the littlest among us the show was enjoyed by all. We strolled through their outdoor animal areas (full of rescued animals - wolves, fox, deer, bald eagle, other assorted birds that I didn't know existed, etc.), had a lunch of bad for you goodness, a great time all around. Add in some bike riding, baseball and kickball playing, a trip or two to the park and it was just a nice weekend to be away from home.

Fast forward a few more days and we're back to thanking D&A again for their interest in inviting JAM for a solo visit to their house for a few days. It's wonderful to have grandparents interested in opening their home for our energetic and anxiety-ridden eldest. Nighttime is never easy for him when Mom and Dad aren't around, and D&A aren't exactly used to having to play the part of cruise director, but once everyone settled in I know they all had a great time.

Dad brought JAM back up to MD last Wednesday and by Friday we were on the road again for a long overdue trip up to CT to see Wifey's family. Officially we were headed north to attend the wedding of some old friends and former students at UMD that worked for Wifey in her classroom (they actually used to babysit for littler JAM wayyy back when), but Wifey's wonderful parents, and then some extended family in the form of an uncle and his girlfriend(?), were fantastic in taking charge of the kids so we could go to the wedding unencumbered. We even got to sleep off a HARD night of drinking and partying in a hotel room all to ourselves!!!

Oh, as an aside - if anyone ever hears me say "Hey! We should do some Tequila shots!" - please hit me in the knee with a stout metal pipe. Thanks.

The long weekend up in CT was also a nice rest and recharge-y time (well, maybe not totally for Wifey who always takes way too much onto her shoulders during visits to their house). JAM has an emerging friend in a young boy who lives across the street - or "Meatloaf" as he affectionately came to be called by Wifey's uncle. The two little ones enjoyed playing in a real life yard where we didn't have to worry about strangers cutting through, car crashes 20 yards away, or any of the other urban issues we've come to know and love in our little home in MD. Then, we even worked in a 9th b-day party for our growing-ever-bigger-JAM. It was a Brio and Lego extravaganza, to be followed up this weekend by a real-life pool party with some friends from school. It will be fun, no doubt.

So there you have it. I'm so thankful for some wonderful parental units who love us and are interested and willing to take on our little crazies from time to time so Wifey and I can pretend to be real adults. Reality always comes smacking us in the face all too soon afterwards but we sure do enjoy it while it lasts.

I'll get those pics uploaded soon though - you know me. :)

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morninglight mama said...

Can't wait for you to get the pics up, because that saves me the work over on my little space in the blogosphere. All I have to do is add the link. :)