Monday, August 17, 2009

Sometimes you've just got to ignore yourself

I've got an inherent distrust of events and people when they don't fit my expectations. I used to be very trusting - to a fault. But, I've mentioned that previously. But now? I guess it's just a part of growing older. You learn that not everyone should be trusted, that some people might try to take advantage or misrepresent themselves to your detriment. Now, if someone tries to tell me something that seems just a little too good to be true, I take it as being too good to be true.

Tonight, I told myself to shut up.

As I mentioned in my last post, JAM's 9th b-day was last week. Wifey's (and mine) good friend L gave JAM two tickets to two different Orioles games as a present. I know - how cool was that? Tonight was the first game, and JAM and I took off for the game this evening to a very harangued looking Wifey and two screaming young ones standing in the doorway with their faces pressed up against the glass. I felt like a tool for leaving - but JAM deserved to go and use his tickets so off we went. Our seats? I'll let the pics speak for themselves....

Yup, that's us up in the last row of the upper deck. Our seats weren't really all the way up there but almost. When we took a walk all the way up, and noticed how much nicer it was up there in the breeze so we decided to stay. It was a good thing we did.

In the 5th inning or so, as we were sitting up there minding our own business, this kids comes all the way up the stairs, walks over to us and says - "How'd you like to upgrade your seats? For free!"

My B.S. meter went through the roof - kind of like when another 21-year-old-looking guy came up to us a little while earlier and asked for a dollar saying he just realized he didn't have enough cash to pay for the parking garage. I'm glad I just laughed at him because a little while later I saw him and his friends with a newly purchased bottle of Sprite taking swigs alternatively between the Sprite and another bottle of suspiciously clear looking liquid and mixing them in their mouths. hmmmm.... Disgusting for sure, and sure as hell glad I didn't waste any money on them.

But I digress. So when this second kid (16 or so by the looks of him) comes up with this too-good-to-be-true offer I asked him what was the catch. I thought he was going to try to sell me magazine subscriptions or something because in his other hand he had two or three manila folders. But, he told me there wasn't any catch, he was just leaving and had really good seats and wanted to bring them up top and give them to someone who could use them. I'm not a total ass, so I said sure, and thanked him, then looked at the tickets. JACKPOT!!!! Let's just let the pic speak for itself once again...

Yessir, there we are about 15 rows behind home plate. Even more funny?

That's the pic looking up to where we were from where we ended up. I learned an important lesson tonight that I'm sure Wifey could have told you many years ago...

Sometimes you've just got to ignore me. :)

I'm glad I did.


Geoff Dabelko said...

Looks like you did make the right decision, on going to the game as well as the seats. Hanging out with this old man which we had discussed would have been a far and away second best. But you just gotsta go see Sector 9 when you have time.

Having just gone to a couple of games with my Dad, we talked about how we had gone to Riverfront to see the Reds in the 70s when I was JAM's age. Pete Rose, Tom Seaver, Joe Morgan, Jose Concepcion, Johnnie Bench. I will never forget those games. So JAM certainly won't forget your night last night either.

Kiwanji said...

Thanks man, I appreciate that you're not too sore about me ditching you like I did. I'll definitely catch District 9 soon!

I agree about the time J and I got to spend together although I fear your memories might be slightly stronger due to the cast of characters. I'll go out on a limb and say that I doubt this year's O's don't quite conjure the same hall of fame feelings. :)

morninglight mama said...

Glad you all had a blast! We survived, and someday you'll be dragging all three of them out the door, leaving behind a happy, joyful mommy dancing as she presses her face against the glass to say goodbye as she pushes you all out the door! :)