Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Sap needs someone to hug!

Ever since the kids came along I've turned into such a sap. Not for kittens and babies in cute outfits or anything like that, but when a story turns to a father and a child the water works turn on as sure as the sun comes up. I've been a mess in movies, while reading books (ever read The Road? If you have, you'll remember the moment that the main characters came upon that fire cooking on the side of the road. Or, how about the moment in The Pillars of the Earth where the main character has to decide what to do with his newborn son?) and sometimes even watching TV.

It happened again just now. I'm sitting here, adhered to the couch due to my bum knee, watching the memorial service for Sen. Ted Kennedy. I tuned in just in time to hear his eldest son, also Ted Kennedy, speak about his father through a choked up voice and a sea of tears in the audience. I just about lost it.

What was worse was that Pudge was sitting on the couch next to me playing with some toys, totally oblivious to what was on the screen. I just grabbed him and hugged him tight - which he is NOT a fan of. Both Red and even JAM are far more snuggly, both at least put up with my hugs on a regular basis but Pudge just isn't interested in snuggling of any kind really. He even refuses to come into bed with the rest of us in the morning! Goofy kid. :)

So, I'm a sap who needs to give hugs and I've got a kid who could just care less. Good thing I'm still like 4x his size. Before my knee gave out I could even chase him down when I wanted to.

I'm going to need to get a net or something.

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