Monday, April 27, 2009

The weekend #1

Saturday was one of our favorite days of the year - Maryland Day. We typically try to get as much as possible in, visit as many cool things as possible, get all hot and sweaty and dehydrated and annoyed because we did too much. But this year was different. With three kids in tow we spent the morning at Wifey's former place of employment and "World's Best School"'s 60th anniversary open house. With all sorts of familiar faces who we haven't seen in a while, a fantastic playground (fenced in!!!!), a lunch we brought with us so we didn't have to pay ridiculous UMD prices for food, and cake (provided by said school for said anniversary), it was a great time.


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If you ever get the chance, you've got to check out Maryland Day. Right around the same time each year, loads to do, even for the kids (the whole mall is covered with bouncy things and the labs and farm are open), the wind tunnel was way cool a few years back... just lots of fun.


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