Sunday, April 19, 2009


Closer and closer to normalcy, or whatever it is that passes for normalcy around here.

- Furniture back in the dining room? Oh yes, it's true!

- Pudge helping Mommy put the dining room table back together. He's so helpful.

- His big sister on the other hand... she just enjoys the fruits of our labor. A true middle manager at heart.

- The Momster getting our table put back together. What? No more 5 of us eating at the little table in the kitchen? It was so cozy though!

- The dining room again.

- Wifey has been waiting for a long time to clean the rugs and holy crow, they were nasty! I'm actually kind of happy I didn't take any pictures of the waste water after she was done. Um, maybe I shouldn't have shared that?


Now, something not exactly related to the whole home improvement project. You know how every once in a while you hear a sentence uttered and you just stop in your tracks and make note that you never, in a million years, thought you would hear that said in your home? How's this one?

Wifey: "Hey [JAM]! You know that giant turtle? Can you toss it down the stairs please?"

Seriously, some of the strangest things get said around here.

Let me explain. We've wanted to find some new pillows for the couch to let the kids have the old red ones that we used so they can use them to roll around with on the floor. The old red pillow color doesn't so much work anymore with the new green palatte. So in addition to looking for new pillows for the couch, we were trying to think of some more floor-type soft things for the kids to use. This made me think of the giant turtle my grandmother made for us before she passed. We had one of these when I was growing up and I loved it as a kid. I thought the giant sized nature of it made it so cool, so when she asked me if she could make anything for JAM when he was still a baby I immediately thought of the turtle (I'm not sure if my brother or my sister has the original). Something you should know though... my wacky old grandmother never met a color she didn't like. We would get baskets of very interesting knitted Christmas tree ornaments and other odds and ends every year. We still have some of the more acceptable ones. :)

Without further ado...

- The turtle.

- Apparently, the turtle has been adopted.


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