Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gettin' ready

This week is the week we've been waiting for for a LONG time. I don't think anyone could be more excited than Wifey though, she's been dealing with the lack of a real ceiling in our dining room for far too long. But, that will all come to an end this week. Starting Thursday, we've got five straight full days of work planned. Most of the focus will be on our living room and dining room area but I've thrown in some main hallway and kitchen items while we give the paint and spackle time to dry.

And, if you know Wifey you probably knew we would have a plan for all of this. I love how organized she makes me. Really, I do!


Day 1

  1. Move items upstairs
    1. dining chairs
    2. dining table – disassemble first
    3. side table
    4. rug
    5. wall items
    6. ceiling light
  2. Unplug computer cabinet
  3. Wrap cabinet w/sheeting
  4. Prep ceiling
    1. shave edges
    2. caulk big spaces
  5. Final sand in hallway
  6. Putty holes in kitchen
  7. Sand
    1. crown molding joints
    2. spackle around lights
    3. putty in holes
  8. Spackle holes in LR walls
  9. Spackle ceiling joints (?)

Day 2

  1. Empty TV cabinets
  2. Cover couches w/sheeting
  3. Cover TV cabinet w/sheeting
  4. Block doorway w/sheeting
  5. 1st spackle of ceiling and wall
  6. While drying –
    1. tape kitchen
    2. prime kitchen walls
    3. prime kitchen molding (except crown molding)
  7. 2nd spackle of ceiling and wall
  8. While drying –
    1. paint kitchen
    2. paint kitchen trim
    3. paint hallway

Day 3

  1. Prime kitchen ceiling if spackled in day 2
  2. Sand ceiling and wall
  3. 3rd spackle if necessary
  4. Prime dark wall and ceiling (if 3rd spackle wasn’t necessary)
  5. Let ceiling dry
  6. paint whole ceiling (start at opposite end)
  7. Paint kitchen ceiling
  8. Paint hallway ceiling

Day 4

  1. Disconnect TV cabinet (screws on top) and move out to middle of room
  2. Wrap cabinet w/sheeting
  3. Disassemble couch
    1. wash couch covers
  4. Cut crown molding
  5. Paint crown molding
  6. Paint light walls
  7. Paint dark wall
  8. Install crown molding

Day 5

  1. Fix wires from comp cabinet to TV
  2. Move TV cabinet back to wall
  3. New power cable for TV cabinet (make sure over cabinet light transformer is accessible)
  4. Install new light in TV cabinet
  5. Comp cabinet final move and reconnect w/screws on top
  6. Reassemble couch
  7. Fill TV cabinet
  8. Bring down all from upstairs
  9. Hang pics in LR/DR

That's it, not much to do. Wish us luck.


Trillian42 said...

Wow. That's a serious plan. If you need an extra pair of hands, you know how to find me!

morninglight mama said...

Oh my... to see it all there on paper is so freaking overwhelming! You can do this, right?? And I can try to keep the kids out of the way, right?? Is it next week yet????

Amanda said...

Nothing makes me smile more than an organized plan. So once you're done with Day 1 work, you can perfectly reasonably stop for that day, or, you can choose to be all wild and crazy and start in on Day 2, all the while being smug at what an overachiever you are.