Monday, January 26, 2009

Vegas Baby!!!!!!!

Yeah, that's right. I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow, for the first time ever. And you know the bestest part of all???? Work is picking up the tab. I'm going to the ASTD TechKnowledge2009 conference to do research on a new e-Learning platform for work but how cool is it that they're having it in Vegas?

Now, some may ask why I haven't brought this topic up prior to this late hour. Well, it really all boils down to one word... Wifey. Wifey hates me right now. I think by now you've figured out that Wifey will not be joining me on said trip. And that sucks. For both of us but wayyyyy more for her. We tried to make it happen but in the end the finances won out. Like I said, it sucks.

So, being the sensitive-to-all-of-her-needs (don't pay any attention to my last post and you may actually believe that) kind of guy that I am I've been mum about the trip. In fact, I've tried to not really even think about it at all, lest my excitement get the better of me. Like it is doing as I write these words. hehehehehehehehehehehe

Without boring you with too many details of how amazed I am at my luck (seriously, this kind of thing never happens to me), I wanted to point to the most in my face at the moment- the weather. The D.C. metro area is bracing for the worst storm of the last two years (seriously? they're expecting like an inch and the whole place is going gaga!!!) and I'll be enjoying suffering through 60 degree weather.

A side-by-side weather comparison.

Yeah, Vegas so totally wins.



Trillian42 said...

We left Vegas on Sunday when it was a "chilly" 65-ish. We landed here, it was 28. Can I go back with you?

Oh, and Kris is 3 for 4 on rain in Vegas. Only he can go to the freaking desert and have it rain!

morninglight mama said...

The auction is going strong on ebay.

Just thought I'd let you know.