Friday, January 16, 2009

Like a kid in a candy store!

Yup, I'm about that excited. Why you ask? One simple word....

I am a 33-year-old painfully white male who, tomorrow, will see Metallica for the first time. I am so freaking excited it hurts. I had a chance to see them my first summer home from college when they were playing the Orange County fairgrounds on June 16, 1994 (I just looked it up, I wasn't that scarred!) during the - and I'm not kidding about this - "Shit Hits the Sheds" tour. They were warming up for their appearance at Woodstock '94 and this moron, your's truly, couldn't scrape together the $25 needed to join my friends at the concert. Yeah, you heard me right. I couldn't find a lousy $25 to get in. What a moron. Did I say that already?

Anyhow, I'm joining three really good friends and we are all going to get in touch with our white trash selves and drive up to Philly for tomorrow's concert. We got a hotel on the cheap, we're bringing our own beer and we're taxiing to and from so it will be a totally awesome night with no worries.

I can't freaking wait!!!! Did I already say that too?


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morninglight mama said...

Wow. Flames and everything...