Friday, January 2, 2009


In the words of the enlightened Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together." I'm happy to report that the gingerbread house was a success. The whole family got in on the act of decorating on New Year's Eve and we had a blast. A lot of work went into it, a lot of materiel was consumed without coming in sight of the house itself, and a lot of smiles and laughs were had.


The house glued together.

Wifey and I putting the Chex on for the roof.

JAM and Red unwrapping the mint candies.

Red and her Daddy.

JAM and Red helping Wifey.

Red helping Wifey decorate the tricked out gingerbread Christmas tree (see below for said tree).

JAM eating more than his fair share. I was wondering where the Twizzlers were going.

Red, actually smiling!

JAM and my step-mother. She and my father were very gracious in letting us absolutely destroy their kitchen for about 4 days.

It's done!

The back - nicely decorated by yours truly. Don't mind the slightly out-of-whack left hand window.

Notice the tree? No possible space for more sprinkles. YUM!

Close up of Wifey's beautiful wreath with realistic-ish bow. :)

And now, as if I needed to point out my geekishness, your 360 degree view of Christmas deliciousness...


Trillian42 said...

OK, that? Is a seriously impressive gingerbread house. My one and only attempt to do one with my mom (from a kit, no less) wound up seriously not to code. I blame the bottle of wine we split while making it.

Liz said...

Excellent house and love the 360 pics!!

Gretchen said...

great job on the house...but I've always what? Do you eat it? right away after all that work?

Amanda said...

Awesome. And I truly enjoyed the added geekiness so I could get the full view. You guys did a great job - it's impressive!!

Was it yummy, too? LOL!

Hyon said...

You got the 360 to work! Yay!! Looks awesome. :-)

Lisa said...

Way cool! My hubby would have just been there eating the Twizzlers along with JAM.