Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning about Web 2.0 tools

Listening to Tony Karrer speak about Learning 2.0 he brought up what seemed to be a lot of topics that were new to the audience. Apparently spending my years in education, focusing on tech integration, really put me in a great position to know about these tools and private industry is playing catch up.

So, as Tony was introducing each topic I kept wishing he would bring up the videos made by Lee Lefever. I posted about these videos more than a year ago, and they were created well before then. I know that Tony was under a time crunch so I'm wondering if he made an executive decision to not show some of these vids but I know they would have helped some of these new users understand what these tools do, the purpose behind the tools.

*Note - this goes along with my last post about Internet access - apparently someone pulled the plug on the wireless as I was writing this post yesterday while in Tony's session. This is just mind boggling that a tech conference does not have wall-to-wall coverage. I heard a rumor today that they are thinking about making coverage part of the cost of the conference next year but if the coverage they are planning on providing is anything like that which I've suffered through in my room these last few days then they should save their money. Trying to check email using the Rio's network was like watching paint dry.

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