Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live Blogging

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm spending some time in Las Vegas attending the TechKnowledge2009 conference. Because I know the leaders of this conference are going to be doing some searching on key words, looking for comments relating to the conference, I need to write something here...

This is a tech conference. See? It even says so in the name. So, here's my question... why isn't this place covered in wireless access so all of us can be live blogging, connecting, communicating, actually interacting in the social media that all of our speakers have been talking about? At this point I'm lucky enough to be sitting in a conference room, listening to Tony Karrer speak about Learning 2.0, and this room just happens to be close enough to ASTD's wireless node that I can grab a bit of access. The rest of the rooms were so far away that I couldn't take advantage of the technology we were all speaking and learning about!

It just didn't make sense, and these folks need to know that if they are putting on a technology conference dedicated to the use of new tools that advance social learning then they need to give us the access to make that really happen.

More on the conference later but I needed to get that smallish rant off my chest.


morninglight mama said...

That would be like a baker's conference not having access to any chocolate chip cookies. Man!

(Can you tell that I'm fiending for chocolate right now??)

Tony Karrer said...

The lack of wireless was pretty unfortunate.