Friday, January 18, 2008

Why do they do it?

Okay, so I admit it. I like watching TV game shows. Most of them. I think Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a horrible show. That might be because I think Regis is an absolute tool. I think my love for TV game shows all stems from when I used to watch Double Dare on Nickelodeon when I was growing up. What a fun show! Cummon, you know you liked it too! No, only me?

So, last night wifey and I were watching a totally inane game show on TV. Usually I like the shows that you actually have to do something to win. Jeopardy is good. Even the Wheel is fun to watch. But last night we were watching Deal Or No Deal. Again, in the interest of honesty I think I only like it for Howie and the models. And for much different reasons thank you. Howie is hysterical to me (Bobby's World rocked!) and do I really need to explain the models? But, as usual, I digress. So here we are, watching DOND as it is affectionately known by its friends, and this lovely young lady was rocking the house. The show hasn't given away much money, and I don't think anyone has gotten the million dollars, so they are really trying to give away that million. This lady was an Army wife, and she just seemed really nice. She had 7 million dollar cases to try to get. I turned it on near the end and she had done pretty well and had 3 million dollar cases left. So, I see her go through one round where she needs to open 3 cases. She nails one of the million cases and two smaller ones. At that point she gets an offer for almost $200,000!!!! For an Army wife!!!!! You know her husband isn't bringing home 6 figures. I'm almost yelling at the TV - "TAKE THE MONEY!!!!!" Her husband tells her to take the money. What does she do?

No deal. No deal? ohforchristssake...

Now she has to open 2 cases. She has 2 million dollar cases left. You couldn't write a worse ending that this. Dawn and I watched as this poor woman picked two cases, and both were the only million dollar cases left.

I turned the TV off. I was so sad for her, but really... take the damn money!

Now, I normally wouldn't have written about this. But, things just got worse. Tonight I was watching probably the best TV game show this side of that Whammy show... 1 vs. 100. Gotta love anything with Bob Saget. Tonight this guy is just kicking butt on this game. Dude gets all the way to the point where he has a guaranteed $250,000. Yeah, a quarter of a million bucks. What does this dummy do? Keeps playing. I admit, I was telling him to quit when he had $75,000, but he kept going. Poor guy actually had me rooting for him too, and I usually don't root for guys from Brooklyn. Just on principle. This guy gets a question about the last state to ratify the 13th amendment. Cummon, you all know the 13th amendment. You do know what an amendment is right? I'll give you a hint... the Constitution... slavery.... saying it was bad.....

The year was 1995 and the state was Mississippi. I even knew that, don't ask me how or why.

Yup, he got it wrong. Said it was Kentucky. Lost a quarter mil.

So, the moral of the story kids is this....


How hard is that?

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