Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't ask for more than this

This weekend was a good weekend for my sports teams. If you didn't know, I graduated from the University of Maryland in 2000 so I've been a Terps fan for about a decade. From some really bad football and basketball teams to some really good ones (a national championship in mbball in 2002, a national championship for wbball in 2006, and some really great bowl wins for the fball team in the past few years) my emotional capacity for following the Terps has been absolutely drained. I watch through my fingers most of the time, and wifey is just plain tired of seeing me complain and (almost) throw things at the TV.

But, Saturday was a great day in Terpdom. Maryland was playing the #1 team in the country, the hated Tar Heals. Down in Chapel Hill no less. I have to admit that I though they were going to lose by just about 30 points. I mean, they lost to American University forchristssakes. So, as we were at our good friend's birthday party (see wifey's blog for a funny story about that) the game was turned on after one of the other party goers mentioned that MD was winning at halftime. I almost choked. Winning? Maryland? The men's team? Not soccer?

So, the game had to be turned on. Although it was in the basement, with rabbit ears and some inventive posing to get the signal to come in, we were delighted to watch as the Terps held on at the end to win!!!! 82-80 vs. the #1 team in the country!!!!!!! And there was much rejoicing.

Then, the cherry on top came on Sunday. Having grown up in New York I grew up a Yankees and Giants fan. No, not the Knicks. I hate the Knicks. Bunch of thugs. I was a Celtics fan. Gotta root for the great white hope, the one and only Larry Bird. Man he was good. Again, digressing... So, yesterday the Giants were playing the Packers in Green Bay. The weather was terrible, -1 at kickoff, and no one was giving the Giants a chance. Guess what??? YEAH! And the Giants win, the GIANTS WIN!!!! It only took their kicker 3 $%*#@ tries to kick a game winning field goal. Oh my god I was about to have a heart attack. Never been closer to a mortal heart failure than that. It was, needless to say, the talk of the town...

So, on to the Super Bowl----- Gotta beat those Patriots to ruin their perfect season. And the Giants are just the team to do it. I mean, it technically is a road game and the G-Men are 10-0 on the road this season. It is gonna happen. I hope.

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