Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So, what's the point?

I've often thought about why I should start a blog. Who would read it, who would care, what could I possibly say that someone else might care to spend their precious time ingesting? I finally came up with an answer... nothing. there are people out there who spend all their time talking, thinking, and trying to be witty so that others will read their blogs. I can't compete with them, I've actually got real things to do during the day. So, this blog is mine. Not for anyone else, purely for me. I will post items of interest to me, and use this as my personal journal of sorts. That is what blogs were to start right? Before the money, fame, advertising, etc.? If anyone else reads it they should really stop and think about getting a hobby. :) No, hopefully I will post something that someone else out there might find interesting, but that will merely be an unintended, albeit positive, consequence.

So here goes, wish me luck and we'll see where this really takes us. I mean me. This is harder than I thought.

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