Monday, January 7, 2008

My guilty little pleasure

I have no idea why, but I've fallen in love with a silly little game on shockwave. It is called Dolphin Cup. Basically, you control a little dolphin and make him jump out of the water and do tricks and different tricks and combinations of tricks are worth different point values. If you combine tricks you get bigger points. It is silly, but I love it. I even got wifey and J playing it and H loves to sit in my lap and watch. At first I was happy to break a million. Then, 10 million was a great score for me. Then, on Christmas, I got 15 million and thought it was the best. Right before we left for a New Year's Eve party I killed it and got 36 million! Well, tonight, I did the unthinkable..... drum roll please....

65 million. I know, I can just feel how impressed you are - it is coming right through the computer and bathing me in your good wishes.....

Pitiful isn't it?

You too can play at

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