Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Wifey becomes a star

Today is the day she's been waiting for. She's been working harder and harder on her writing on her blog, building her own readership which eventually led to a gig working with the book-dedicated blog 5 Minutes for Books. She's a machine - reading more than I ever thought humanly possible (although she tells me stories of other book bloggers out there that go through dozens of books a month) and posting so many reviews that she quickly built her own following on that site. She's even been noticed by another very impressive group where she will soon begin posting her thoughts (I don't think she made nearly enough of a big deal about that in her announcement buried within this post).

But today was the culmination of all that hard work. We packed the whole fam into the van and picked up L at the Metro station before heading down to the Mall in DC. We all walked Wifey right down to the Media tent (yes, the Media tent - she's an official member of the press now) and said our good-byes as she prepared for her first interview with Craig Hatkoff, to be followed by her interview with Mo Willems.

Without much of a plan (my bad with that I realized) I took the kidsso Wifey could concentrate on the task at hand. Yup off I went with all three of them by my gimpy self, down to the PBS tent where we spent some time coloring before quickly coming to the realization that there wasn't really anything I could do with the three of them by myself - the age difference is just too big between them. Someone must have been looking out for us though because there was a stage set up in the PBS tent with some carpets on the ground right in front with rows of chairs behind. I found out there were going to be some authors reading from their favorite stories which reminded me that Wifey had said Mo was going to be reading somewhere. Putting 2 and 2 together like the smartypants I am I realized that THIS must be the place! So I plopped the 3 Amigos down on that carpet before anyone else had even shown up. That was the best idea I've had in a while. The place quickly filled up because word must have spread that Steve Sings was going to be there with Mo following. The place turned into a zoo but we had prime spots! I didn't record any of that Steve guy but I did video Mo's reading-turned-interpretive-dance. :) The sound quality from my phone stinks - it picked up all the snotty nosed kids in the audience but not his voice from the speakers.

But the purpose of this post is going slightly astray... the purpose was to sing the laurels of my beautiful, talented Wifey on her big day. She rocked the house with some fantastic interviews and I'm so proud of her for swallowing all that anxiety I didn't want to call attention to this morning and going for it. Good job lady - you're my hero. I'm sure she'll follow this up with some posts of her own but I had to get it out there first. I'm a buzz-kill like that. :)


morninglight mama said...

What an AMAZING freaking day!!! My head is literally swimming with all these insane memories. I am so exhausted, so I believe it will be better if I try to write it all up tomorrow, but THANK YOU so much for helping make today happen!!

(And yes, I felt way more impressive when I wore my press pass than ever before-- today was just heaven!)

Betsey said...

I'm a friend of your wife's from the Nook, and I think you are a WONDERFUL husband! Such support and pride in her. Loved reading your post and getting your perspective. (I also love hearing about you from her posts.) You two seem truly amazing together.