Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happiness is easy

With working so hard every day to try to find some elusive measure of happiness - family, job, home, friends, etc., etc. - I'm happy when I find reminders that happiness is really easy to come across. It was a simple but really good day with a young friend's birthday party at the lake and playground in town starting things off nicely. Spending time with the fam and great friends at the park where we've had our own birthday parties was really fun. After some homemade quiches for dinner made with love by Wifey and a surprisingly easy bedtime comes some quality me time. While Wifey is busy reading/reviewing/blogging inside on the couch I'm enjoying a nice fire in the fire pit outside while watching my Giants beating the Cowboys and drinking a beer.

It really is simple - and I've got to remember that.

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Geoff Dabelko said...

Indeed, I am quick to forget it as well. Sorry I flaked on the game. Had some home duties I had forgotten