Friday, December 18, 2009

Never been so sad to see snow

I love snow. I absolutely love everything about it - from sledding to shoveling, having snow on the ground is better, to me, than lying on a beach any day. Living in the DC area is tough for a guy who likes the snow so much. We usually have to suffer through all the cold without anything to show for it. I'm pretty sure we went two straight years without even enough to go sledding on. Yup, cold and rainy is about all we get to look forward to. With this in mind, to say I was excited to hear about this impending snowstorm we're now enjoying was an understatement - that is until I realized its implications. You see, my oldest daughter, K, was scheduled to fly in tomorrow morning to spend 5 whole days in our little home with us. Yes, apart from our brief trip down to Pawley's Island some 4 years or so ago when we hadn't even yet met Red or Pudge, this would be the first time she's spent with our whole family.

Then... the snow. As the week progressed the reports went opposite of the norm - they kept getting worse and worse. Wifey was telling me this evening that some people on the news were calling this the storm of the century. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? On the weekend that we're finally going to get to have K come visit? I'm as bad as Alanis when it comes to knowing what constitutes irony - is this it? It certainly feels like Karma is kicking me in the head irony or no. I've been a good boy - I promise!

We knew the snow was coming, and I spent most of this afternoon preparing for it outside the house - getting rid of all the leaves that have blown back up onto the lawn, cutting up a big pile of pallet wood for the stove, fixing up the new wood rack, and finally putting up the x-mas lights, just in time for K's visit. Poor Wifey has been working like a maniac for days trying to get the house into just the right shape too, so much effort has gone into getting ready for this visit and I've been so excited to have her actually see our home. So imagine my reaction when Wifey logged on to the Air Tran site then and found out that K's flight had been canceled. Yeah, sad doesn't begin to cover it. But we got in gear, went online to find out what to do and I quickly called the company while Wifey got the munchkins in a bath. It turns out that they must be shuffling their planes because K's now got a seat on a later plane that should put her into BWI around noon - this gives them a few extra hours to clear up the runways so I'm hoping that all will go according to plan.

So here we are, almost midnight, and the snow is falling, Wifey and I can hear the plows on the street outside, and I'm almost scared of what I'll find when I wake up. Again, I love the snow!!! But I can't help but wish it could have held off for 12 more hours.

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Trillian42 said...

Oh, man. That is seriously crappy timing. :(

I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll get a "She's here!" blog post from you this afternoon.