Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blizzard? Are you kidding me?

Dear God-

Why do you hate me? I try to be a good person, really I do. I pay my taxes, I hug my kids, I go to work almost every day and I haven't put salt on any slugs in at least 3 years. Or is it sugar? YOU SEE!!! I'm such a good person I don't even know what to do to slugs!

Now that we've established what a good person I am... I have to ask... a BLIZZARD??? SERIOUSLY? When's the last time PG County saw a blizzard? It had to be this weekend didn't it. Now THAT is holding with the tradition of my luck. If it's going to be strange and happen to someone it's definitely going to be me.

Thanks to this crazy storm K's second plane has been canceled and she's now booked on the fourth plane of the day. I decided to skip getting a seat for her on the third plane - the snow definitely won't be over by the time it was supposed to land. 50 fingers are crossed around here hoping that everything works out for tonight. Do you think you can wink or whatever it is you do in order to make things happen for us? We'd really appreciate it!


Yessireebob, we've got ourselves an honest to goodness wimpy blizzard. People from Syracuse or Oswego (look it up) would be laughing at us right now. At last check we're at 11 inches at the ol' homestead. This is a normal Tuesday for them. The kids loved it though. After breakfast we (Wifey) bundled them up and out we went into the snow. I think Red might remember last year's snow storm but I know this is really a first for Pudge - he didn't want any part of it and he slept through the whole sledding event last year. JAM, of course, was in his element. And I loved how the snow muffled all his crazy yelling! :) He can go as wild as he wants out there and not only is there no one around to hear him, they wouldn't be able to hear anything even if they wanted to. NICE!

I don't mind telling you that we were the only idiots out there shoveling right in the middle of a storm. Most of our sane neighbors were smart enough to be inside, cozy under some blankets while we were out with the kids. Wifey even took the lead with the shovel so I could go knock the car off. I knew it wouldn't matter but it helped to think that I'd only have to shovel out 1/2 of what everyone else was when it finally came to a stop.

Now we're getting ready to walk out the door, the sledding hill is calling. Can't drive there because apparently things are so bad out there that the county executive has said that all county roads are closed and police have been given the power to turn people around if they're out without dire need. Marylanders are funny.

Pictures forthcoming...

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