Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Yard, Updated

When last I posted it was raining, on the 20th. The 21st wasn't much better, and it made me sad. Very sad.

More work has been done on the yard project. Last Thursday I stayed home, trying to use up my days at work before I leave, and I got some good work done...

I got to work for a short time last Saturday prior to Maryland Day then Sunday and Monday began monsoon season again.

Monday of this week I had planned to take the day off so my car could get worked on. Lots of plans for getting work done outside, then guess what? Yup, God is seriously displeased with me right now for some reason. Rain. More a-monsoon-would-be-proud kind of rain. But, because my car took two days to work on I took another day off on Tuesday (I love using up these days!!!) and got a ton done. The planter box is complete and I started working on the walkway while wifey was at her meeting and the kids played outside.

And seriously, how good are these kids? They let me work while the JAM and Red played and Pudge just chilled out next to me playing on his bouncey seat. I love these kids!!!

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