Monday, April 14, 2008

The miracles of modern life

I've been reading and learning about a very interesting thing we are all doing to ourselves without even realizing it. To set the stage - think about all of those plastic water bottles we all tote around. Even the refillable ones, the ones we all use thinking we are saving the environment by not buying throw-away water bottles from the vending machine. Good intentioned right? Well, not so much I guess. If you are like me, you never heard of or considered BPA. HUH? Is that like ERA or RBI? (no, and sorry, baseball is upon us once again and I am a very happy guy.) BPA is bisphenol A. Yup, bisphenol A. And what I want to know is if this stuff is so bad for us, I'd hate to see what bisphenol B or C would do. :)

So, why is this stuff on my mind? Check out a report by Consumer Reports:
Q&A: Baby bottles and bisphenol A

Now think about all of those bottles that our kids use. Are you one of the parents that boil your baby bottles in the hopes of making them cleaner? Well, thank goodness wifey and I are so lazy! No boiling for us! But we do use a ton of plastic reusable water bottles each and every day. Modern convenience is wonderful, but we have to think about all the garbage we are putting into our bodies. We will either all kick it at 55 or live to be 200 with all the chemicals we are ingesting.

***Update*** 4-21-08 - Another reason to move to Canada...
Canada may designate BPA a toxic substance

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