Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Which network is right for me? diigo vs.

I am confronting a conundrum. I recently started using, I mean really using, I started a while ago but only recently did I realize its potential. Too many times I had to try and remember a site that I saw ... on or an article that I read. Too often I couldn't come up with the answer and it was affecting my work. Not in a huge way, but I certainly would have been more efficient had I started really using this a while back. Live and learn. seemed easy enough to learn and use. I really enjoyed Lee Lefever's video that explained social bookmarking and focused on It was a new tool that I didn't really understand at first and it was simple and intuitive enough to let me get it.

Now, a colleague of mine has started talking to me about diigo. It seemed overwhelming to me. The video they have on their site gives a good description of its capabilities but I am wondering if it is too much. Do I need to do more than bookmark sites? The diigo people I think have sensed this conundrum and created a page that highlights the differences between their service and and regular 'ol computer based bookmarking. Here >>

Diigo seems to do some cool things that might take my bookmarking to a new level, allowing me to remember or find those small tidbits of info you think of days or weeks later. Not only can I save the URL but I can highlight parts of the page to draw my attention to specific things later. Sounds good, but I have a feeling that I am like some other users and this tool seems a little overwhelming to me right now. I also have a feeling that I will be fine once I jump in (I'm a total chicken when it comes to jumping in the cold pool at first too :-D).

More later I guess....

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