Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New blog I've created

For years I have been trying to find new and exciting things to do in and around the DC metro area. With my family growing and growing (NO MORE!!!!!! :) ), and many of the big projects nearing completion at the house (see last post) it is tough to always think of things to do that will keep everyone occupied and happy. This is only going to be more so as they all grow older and more active. I've scoured books, web sites, parenting magazines, etc., to try to find fun things to do but I haven't ever found one good list compiled by us, the people who would want to use it.

So, I took matters into my own hands. Introducing....

It's hard to simulate trumpets blaring or confetti but you get the idea.

What is Greenbelters on the Go you ask? Thanks for asking!

I am hoping that GOTG (I should have chosen a name with a better acronym) will become a repository for all sorts of fun ideas that families and individuals can use to get out of the house and enjoy the metro DC area. I posted an email to the Greenbelt ListServ last night and I already got 45 hits to the site so hopefully stories will start trickling in and I can start posting people's stories. This should be a great site as long as folks participate. We'll see but I am hopeful.

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