Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growing too fast

So my little girl is getting bigger, and in a lot of ways it is great. The hugs are better, the way she runs into my arms when I get home at night is fantastic and does wonders for my mood, her thoughts and the way she expresses herself... all of that is just growing by leaps and bounds. But something monumental happened the other night. My little baby girl is now enjoying her own "big girl" bed. JAM has moved up into the top bunk and has been doing great with that. Talk about growing up! Dude is getting too old. But, his moving up has made it possible for Red to move into the lower bunk, all so we can eventually put Pudge (who has seriously forgotten how to sleep at night!!!!) into the baby's room so maybe, just maybe we can all start to get some rest. But, all that is to say that it is just tough on a Dad to see his little girl moving on. I know, it isn't like she is moving out of the house or anything. But, at 1 and 9 months moving into a real bed is a huge step. And she is rocking it!

After wifey was done breastfeeding her it became my duty to get her to bed. The new baby was on the way and we both knew that wifey's attention was going to be dominated by the little one so it became imperative that she get used to me putting her to bed. It was eventful at first but we quickly settled into a routine. That routine always included some special Red-Daddy time in the glider. Now, not being able to do "rock-rock" with her anymore is killing me. That was my time. No one else was around, just her and me in the glider, me making her giggle with some silly jokes, her resting her little head on my shoulder, singing a couple of songs (she always makes me sing not just her song but also those of the other two, yes, I've made up a song for each of the kids) and her slowly drifting closer to sleep and me laying her down and tucking her in after one last kiss. It is one of those times that I just want to remember forever. But, in the name of progress those times seem to be behind us. They will be missed. I've just got to get into a new groove, get the new bedtime routine down pat, and all will be well. The last two night she has been amazing. I will crawl into the lower bunk with her, sing her the songs, snuggle for a bit and when I get up she begins to cry a little bit. So I will say goodnight one more time and all seems to be well. But, last night.... poor little thing still wasn't sure about this new arrangement and as I was saying my lat goodnights she says in her most pitiful resigned voice - "bye-bye." Tore my heart out. I just kissed her and closed the door and she went right to sleep. What under two year old does that? A friggin genius this kid!!!! :)

Like I said, in a lot of ways her getting bigger is great, but I still wish I could slow things down a little bit. Oh well... I have a feeling that is a song sung by just about every Dad ever.

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morninglight mama said...

What's up with you making me cry? Red is taking her nap in her big girl bed right now, and she even pulled the blankets up to her chest and snuggled down on her pillow. Too much.

She certainly loves her daddy-o!