Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And you wonder why we're crazy

I took this video yesterday, and it is a bit long so I don't expect anyone to really watch it. Every once in a while, Red will start telling a story and it will never ever finish. Not only will it not finish, it rarely contains punctuation. Sentences can go on for minutes! I mostly took the vid to get a record of one of these huge diatribes to save for the future. But, I also liked it because it has glimpses into our typical post bath time routine and those are the things that you usually take for granted as activities that happen all the time but once the kids grow up you realize that they're not happening anymore and you miss them. So I took a video and captured some memories.

This takes place right after all the kids have been bathed, and the books are coming out for story time. But on this night, my sweet little Red decided she had a story to tell. And let me just preface it by saying that almost 100% of what she says is complete horse$%#@. What really happened yesterday? Wifey had the good fortune to have one of her online friends from her book club come into town for a visit and she and her family stopped over for a play date. Apparently they had a fantastic time, and aside from neither Red nor Pudge getting a nap (the friends were on west coast time so play time was right in the middle of our usual nap time), everything went really well.

With that said, I was a little surprised when Red came out with this story about how rather than playing outside nearly all day, she and Wifey had taken a trip down to my Dad's place to look for a book in their book basket. Seriously, she's absolutely nuts.

It is a nice vid though, in that it captures JAM being a great big brother to Pudge while reading and singing to him, and Pudge being a ham for the camera, and everyone just having a fun time. I love these crazy kids, and I love that time of night because everyone knows the routine and it is calm and peaceful and usually very loving. Except when Red throws a fit, then it's chaos, but that'll be a video for another time.


morninglight mama said...

Oh my, this girl slays me. This is what I hear all. day. long.


Hyon said...

I love it when she gets distracted by Jam reading to Pudge. She's trying to decide whether she wants to join them or finish her story. Priceless!!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My oldest (now 10), talked ALL the time, but not so, um, creatively. Once she learned to read, she stopped talking so much.

So, I can relate, but I do hope that as soon as you get home each night, you send Dawn up to her room for a bubble bath or something and some peace and quiet.

That kind of energy does wear a mom out (or at least it does/did me).

I like your site, b/c there are more pictures of the lovely Dawn.