Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life is good

After picking Wifey up at the Metro station this evening we took a trip out to IKEA, picked up a few things, were surprised when DBCandJ came by to have dinner with us there, stopped by Cold Stone for some ice cream, then went up to Laurel and played some very exciting (read - chaotic) minigolf with all 9 of us in action. Well, some of us were in action playing, and Wifey and B were chasing Pudge and J (and sometimes Red) around the place. A great time was had by all.

Then, as if things weren't happy enough, I got home and was presented with the cherry on top... After looking at this picture, I wonder if you'll be able to guess what it was.


Hugeness said...

You must be referring to a new home-based business. I know it wouldn't have anything to do with the AL East standings.

Hyon said...

You know D. He doesn't do much with the Internets thing but maybe I'll have him look at your blog later today. Or, I'll just tell him. ;-)