Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching up

You ever get to that point where so much has gone on that you're not even sure where to start? Yeah, I'm so there. Looking back, knowing that I didn't even have a chance to post a happy birthday message to my little Red (knowing that Wifey did a fine job made that oversight easier to bear), I haven't posted a thing about her fantastic party, work has been out of control, JAM's baseball coach (and the rest of the team to be honest) is really driving me to drink, Wifey and I actually got to go hang out with real adults at a friend's wedding Saturday night, etc., etc., etc.

A lot (too much?) to really compose a good post, but who would I be if I didn't post a few pictures???

First, my little girl's third birthday was last Friday. We didn't do a whole lot because we originally had her party planned for the next day. I said originally because the forecast for rain forced us to reschedule for Sunday - also Mother's Day (sorry Wifey - you'll get your day next weekend???). We missed a few friends who had Mother's Day things to do, but gained a few who wouldn't have been able to come on Saturday. But, even though we didn't do much of anything we still had to have a birthday treat right?


Once we finally got to the party (after about four weeks of home improvement projects keeping us busy at all hours), the weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a blast. All in all, a really beautiful and happy day. Thanks to everyone who were able to join us, and we missed the rest of you terribly. :)

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Yes, that is my boy JAM playing chess at a party at a playground. Not sure what that bodes for the future. :)

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Check out another beautiful Wifey cake creation. And no permanent teeth staining icing this time!

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Yes, she's beautiful. And have you ever seen anyone more excited to get a pair of pants before?

We were so happy to be able to have Wifey's parents join us for the weekend. The kids had a blast being with them and we look forward to seeing them again as soon as possible.

Here's Red and Pudge sporting their Pepe's fashionable glasses.

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Is it just me or do you notice a striking resemblance to someone too???

And a few more pics from their visit...
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Moving on, as I mentioned way up above, Wifey and I had the rarely seen night out (sans kids!!!!!) on Sunday when we got to join other friends in welcoming J-Mac and MB into this craziness we call marriage. What an amazing time. It was a beautiful (and beautifully short) service followed by a reception at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. What a beautiful place! The food was amazing (I felt sorry for Wifey, there were lots of former ocean dwellers to be had), the drinks were flowing (as evidenced by the lap dance Wifey talked me into giving Mr. Enigma - see below), and the friends were the best part. A huge thank you to the bride and groom for allowing us to share with them and for giving us an excuse for getting the hell out of our crazy house.

A big thanks goes to Pam for sharing these pics with me!


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Thanks it! Enough! I'm so tired I could cry at this point. I'll get back to more regular reflections soon, just in time for me to start class #2 of Masters #2. What joy!


Trillian42 said...

So, now you are blaming your wife for that lapdance? Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuure.

morninglight mama said...

That was seriously the best evening, babe! I had so so so much fun hanging out with you!! LOVE YOU!