Thursday, February 19, 2009

What does it mean for me and mine?

Warning--- this is what I call a bummer post. Not fun, not light-hearted, just me getting crap out of my head in a way that helps me think. But, this place is mine right? Feel free to jump here if you need a giggle. Sorry...

I've been trying to figure out what Obama's stimulus package might mean for my family, specifically our housing situation. We were only able to buy this place when JAM was old enough to go to Wifey's school and we no longer had the $700 in child care costs to shell out each month. We weren't rich, ever, but we were able to afford the house. A few years later we thought it would be a nice idea to expand a bit and along came Red. Wifey kept working, part time, and the house was still doable and we were even able to go out to eat once in a while. Then, Pudge reared his cute-as-hell head and things have gotten very different.

With Wifey home keeping my babies safe and caring for them like no other sane person could stand to do (you'd get it if you spent some time in our home on any given day, trust me), the house has now overpowered us. The mortgage is getting paid, as is all the other "have-to" bills, but the credit card is suffering. We used to be good. We didn't go crazy on anything really. No vacations, no expensive toys/TV/computer/car/etc., no real happy spending except the occasional eating out.

Then came the layoff. That was not a good time. It was short, but it wasn't good. Then the price of food went through the roof. Then gas followed. Our barely hanging on selves weren't really hanging on anymore. We've gotten things largely under control (lifestyle, even one as simple as ours, is hard to change) but I hate to admit that we are still living in the red. Classic case of too much going out and not enough coming in. We aren't going to lose the house, the car is paid off (was paid off early thanks to a generous gift!), we can still afford to buy groceries, but the foreseeable future looks bleak.

So, that explains my mindset as I began hearing about Obama's plans to assist homeowners. At first, I'm pretty sure I heard "new home buyers" - which we weren't. We're regular 'ol people who could use help but aren't among the poor folks who've already lost so much. But if I'm hearing things right, it seems that the stimulus might be showing some promise for helping even folks like us out.

I've included two resources that are leaving me feeling more optimistic. I hope I don't ever have to ask for help. But it is nice to know that help might be out there if necessary.

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