Monday, February 23, 2009

Wait'll they get a load of me!

Fundraiser night at the local Chevys, complete with dozens of hyper elementary aged kids and younger siblings and what has to be the best face painter of all time. Although Wifey had to stay home with the two younger ones who've been pushing 101 - 103 temps for a few days, JAM and I had a blast. Tonight was the first time he's ever wanted to have his face painted. Ever. It was just one of those weird things about him and his "specialness"... there was something about it, something that just didn't sit right in his head, and it had to be on his terms when he was finally ready to be comfortable with it. Some of those things are getting easier and easier, especially when friends are involved. Positive peer pressure never hurt.

So, take a look at my little evil genius! Doesn't he look (except for the out of proportion adult front teeth) awesome?

What made it ever more amusing was the fact Wifey and I had watched the Heath Ledger Joker performance last night. So when JAM walked in to our living room after getting home and Wifey looked up it was so funny to see her face. A little freaked is putting it nicely. :)

We've got one handsome and funny kid there, that JAM. He did great tonight, especially seeing as how we didn't even go out until after 6:30. Normally, the later we get the less control he can muster up but tonight was just perfect.

Another example of enjoying those little moments...

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Hyon said...

Yay JAM! Maybe our little Monk will need to be 8 to finally allow his face to be painted too.

Lord knows why he'd rather count the arrows in Ikea than go into the kids' play area. Go figure.