Monday, February 9, 2009

Those little moments

Sitting at work today, up to my eyeballs in mundane grunt work (must be the reason why it hasn't gotten done by someone else before I picked it up to do it) when the phone rings. I see the number is from home so I'm figuring Wifey is calling to add one more thing to the Costco list (my regular weekly post-work run) but when I say hello I'm surprised to hear JAM's voice on the other end. I could hear in his voice he was excited and smiling so I asked him what was up. He called to tell me he had gotten his report card today and he had gotten all A's! No wonder he was smiling. This poor kid works so hard but his dang teacher kept forgetting his 504 and nailing him on study skills and garbage like that. Dude had pulled all A's already in all the "important stuff" - you know, all those things that he's getting tested on like every other week? - so we weren't worried in the least about his academics but his poor heart broke every time he didn't get that final one or two A's. It was especially hard when he made it to the honor roll assembly and his idiot Principal told all the 'all-A' kids to stand up and then chastised the rest of the kids up there for not being like the others. "You can do it" type garbage that took what should have been a wonderful time and killed it for JAM, and I'm sure all the others too. I wasn't able to be there but Wifey said she saw JAM's face just drop when Principal NoTact dropped that bomb.

I'm not thinking about the very real possibility that JAM's walking-dead teacher only gave him an A in everything to get us to shut up about making sure she was doing her job and providing JAM with the required accommodations. We know she isn't, and she knows we know, but she thinks we're going to stop pestering her if she just gives him high marks. Think again lady -we know your game! She must have forgotten that I got real good playing that game too when I spent those years in the high school. hmmmppphhhh.... We'll meet again soon. :)

But, I digress from my point - as usual. I'm so happy for JAM, and I can tell he feels really good about himself right now too. That is a rare enough occurrence that should be rewarded, I'll have to think of something. It is definitely little moments like that phone call that can just make or break your day. Thank God it was a good call - he deserves it.

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