Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Tis the season

So you may be wondering where the heck all these posts are coming from, all at once. Well, a while ago our desktop crapped out on us and then the laptop Dawn was using started going goofy too. This woman is death to computers. With all that in mind, she's been kidnapping my laptop every night so I haven't been able to post in a while.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled post...

Christmas season around the 'chez which means waiting until way late to get the tree up. We finally did the deed last weekend and the kids had a blast with it.


Yeah, I love my goofy kids. How about some pics?
and if you see some abnormally large amount of white space between this text and the pictures I blame blogger because I've gone over the code like a hundred times and nothing is wrong... grrrrrrr.

Pudge gettin close and personal with some fake tree branches and lights
Red putting up her first ornament
JAM and Red ornamentizing the tree
Pudge getting involved
Wifey lookin' good
Pudge and his abnormally large Dad
A blurry but nice pic of the whole fam
Red hamming it up
Goofy face
Little brother loves his big brother
The three amigos
Another of the three

Okay, last one
Did you ever see that Steve Martin movie where his little son puts a bucket on his head and runs into the walls? That's our Pudge.
JAM can't be left out!

Happy holidays to everyone from all of us!


morninglight mama said...

I am, in no way, death to computers. We just have crap computers.

So there.

Hyon said...

Awesome pics!!