Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

The presents have been torn through, the stockings are empty and rehung, Red is snuggling in her bed for nap and Pudge is refusing to sleep, and the NBA is on. Who can ask for more?

Some pics from our fun morning...

My little future doctor with her new kit.

Red surveying the loot. Too bad Santa didn't buy her some pants.

The three amigos. Wifey got JAM some footie PJs!!!!

Me showing off my favorite new shirt. Thanks Wifey!

Being a good Daddy, modeling some of Red's new play jewelery. Aren't I pretty?

Just a cute pic of nearly nekkid Red.

The aftermath.

More loot.

I didn't realize they were calling for a hurricane!

From our crazy family to yours, we hope you have the merriest of days.

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