Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm not a bad father, really I'm not!

No seriously, I'm not a bad father. Let me explain!!! This past Saturday was Pudge's first birthday. Normally I try to post at least a happy birthday announcement or something of the sort to at least immortalize the moment. And to make it look like I care. Because I do. Really.

But this time, I had a different idea. I knew Wifey would post something, which she did, and it was a wonderful account that will no doubt serve as birth control to all young ladies who read it. But, I had something different in mind. You see, as our good friend Geoff was taking pictures so I could actually be involved in the singing to Pudge, I couldn't help but reminisce about JAM and Red's first birthdays and their mandatory cake-all-over-the-place pictures. So, that was the post I wanted to write. But, I couldn't for a few days because actually remembering all the requisite pieces, such as time, availability, having the hard drive available to get to the old pics, etc., is tough to do when you suffer from CRS. Oh, that's Can't Remember S&$t for those of you who don't know.

Moving on.... The party was a huge success, thanks to Wifey's tireless planning and preparation that took three days. Seriously, three days. Well, when you have 16 people in a house made for 4 it takes a lot of doing. Especially when you're dumb enough to have kids in a cold month, and then it rains all day so the attendees can't go outside and play like Daddy had hoped. Yes, I was very nervous that everyone would be miserably crammed into our teeny little home. In the end it worked out wonderfully and everyone at least said they had a good time. Thank goodness our friends are such bold-faced liars. :)

The strangest think about the party though... Pudge decided he wasn't a fan of chocolate cake. Didn't want to have anything to do with actually eating it. Playing with it? Smushing it? Throwing it around our dining room? Oh, he's fine with all of that, certainly. But putting some in his mouth? Like Sarah Palin, thanks but no thanks. At this point I'd normally make a joke about wanting to get him tested to see if he is really mine but if we could track the cake-eating addition in our household I would venture to say that Wifey takes the prize and I can attest to the fact Pudge did indeed arrive along traditional means from said woman. So who knows why, maybe he is just one of those wacky kids who doesn't like cake. Better for him I'd say. I've seen what his mom does to people who stand in her way of cake.

So, without further ado, here ya go....

My three amigos...

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morninglight mama said...

I think it was more like 21 people! It was great fun, and I think I'm all done being offended by our dear youngest's refusal to eat my cake. :)

Corinne said...

Not like CAKE? That's just a shame :)