Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boys are wierd

I realize this may not be a shocking statement but I'm confused about something. I am a breakfast eater. I can't not do it. I get grumpy and end up eating something crappy later in the morning if I don't eat something for breakfast. But, I tend to leave my house before the rest of the brood is up and running around so I don't usually eat breakfast at home. I have some time at my desk in the morning, while catching up on email or getting ready for the day when I will eat a bagel or a bowl of cereal. Yes, I have a lot of food in the office. I hate spending 8 or 10 bucks for a crappy lunch every day so I'm known around the office as the place to go when hungry. I have a fully stocked mini-fridge, and enough canned goods to survive a small storm.

So, after eating said breakfast I wish to brush my teeth, which seems like a normal enough thing to want to do right? However, I've been experiencing the strangest thing. I work in the training department of my organization which means that we have lots of visitors in our building all the time, all of whom are strangers to me. That goes to say that I also share the restroom with many strangers. Now, the point of the "Boys are funny" title is this... when men use the same restroom in many situations there is a code. Depending on the level of comfort amongst the patronage, there will be varying degrees of silence or conversation. This sometimes even extends to those enjoying what we will call a longer and more involved process taking place behind closed doors. I mean it, guys outside will carry on a conversation with someone on the inside while that inside person is taking care of some seriously personal business. That is just strange, but still not the point of this post.

Here is the point - given this very interesting culture that develops in a men's restroom (between men currently holding on to their most prized possessions) why is it that little 'ol me gets the strangest looks while I am just brushing my teeth? Seriously, you should see the looks I get from guys who were just scratching and/or taping (way too many times too, anything more than 3 taps is just playing BTW) their junk or pushing with all their might while carrying on conversations with one another.

It's just strange.

And dudes.... wash your hands... with soap. Waving your hands in the general direction of the sink just doesn't cut it.

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