Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Because God told me to

No, seriously. God has spoken to me and I am inclined to listen. It's no secret that I've struggled all of my life with questions about faith and organized religion. But this? If this had been around in my "formative years" then things might have been very different. Although I wasn't married then. So this might not have been as formative as I initially thought. But, IT IS STILL EASILY THE COOLEST THING I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the best thing about it? Wifey told me about it. ;-D

Pastor’s Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex
The video -->

Sorry folks, I'm just doing the Lord's work.

*disclaimer* To any of my readers who happen to be seriously happy and content with their faith in God, I love you for it and often wish I had the same faith. This post was written entirely tongue-in-cheek. No offense intended.


Trillian42 said...

Yes, but did she tell you about it because she was promoting it, or because she thought it was ridiculous?


morninglight mama said...

Hey, God just called again, but I got the phone this time. He said to disregard his previous call-- he had the wrong number.

And don't worry, I've put us on the official do-not-call list. ;)

Hugeness said...

At least you got the call. I think we were on the phone-disconnected-don't-even-bother list.

Corinne said...

I watched an article on this guy on some morning show while I was at the gym. My thought: I bet there are a lot of thrilled guys out there :)